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Acupuncture may feel like a foreign treatment for stress. To dispel the mystery and help you become more familiarized, we decided to let real people voice their experiences of our work. These are real patients with real lives, from all walks of life for whom The Gilbert Clinic was an answer. We invite you to read their stories.

Sue Veach | Potomac, MD | Age: 50ish | Occupation: Sales Executive | Patient since 2009

“I was initially referred to Jonathan Gilbert by my medical doctor after suffering multiple abrasions, contusions, and symptoms of shock due to a serious fall. After two treatments from Jonathan on consecutive days, I was well enough to travel by plane to a business event. While my visible injuries remained, the trauma was gone. I was so impressed with the effectiveness of Jonathan’s treatments that I have continued to receive regular acupuncture treatments to minimize stress and alleviate an occasional injury due to ‘forgetting to act my age.’ I spent over 20 years under a lot of stress induced by personal and professional challenges. This took quite a toll on my health and well-being. Today I am feeling great with a lot more energy, higher quality of sleep, and am significantly less affected by stressful situations. I have benefitted tremendously from regular treatments with Jonathan, continually moderating my stress.”

Kim Hawkins | Gaithersburg, MD | Occupation: Senior Executive Manager, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission | Age: 44 | Patient since 2010

“Jonathan Gilbert is one of the most kind, caring, compassionate, and knowledgeable health care practitioners I have ever met. I had been suffering from excessive stress, anxiety, and insomnia, which led to the development of chronic fatigue syndrome. I saw many doctors and clinicians over a few years, none of which led to any improvement. I met with Jonathan fourteen months ago with an open mind but a lot of skepticism, having never tried acupuncture before. Following a professional and detailed discussion of my medical history, Jonathan suggested that I wean myself off sleep medication and receive acupuncture treatments simultaneously. After each treatment, I feel incredibly relaxed and carefree—more so than ever before! Through working with Jonathan, I am less affected by stressful situations now, and my anxiety symptoms are dramatically reduced. I believe his treatments and care have contributed significantly to a pattern of higher quality sleep and well-being for me, a healthy state of mind which traditional medication did not provide.”


Cover Photo of Brochure: Acupuncture for Stress at The Gilbert ClinicIs stress negatively impacting your everyday life? You are not alone. Day-to-day stress is a fact of modern life, from long commutes and extended work hours, to the ever-increasing pace of technology. Add in a curve ball like a severe illness, relationship troubles, or a promotion at work, and stress can become overwhelming.

Stress costs the U.S. more than $300 billion each year in health care costs and missed work (New York Times, Sept. 5, 2004.) Long-term stress is the root cause of many adverse health conditions, from anxiety and insomnia to heart disease and diabetes.

Surprisingly, stress itself is not the problem. Eliminating stress is neither possible nor desirable—since rising to meet life’s challenges is what makes us feel most alive. It is when stress is out of balance that problems arise. The key to achieving and maintaining our optimum health is managing stress.

Acupuncture is an effective method for not only relieving the cumulative symptoms of stress, but also of keeping stress and anxiety from building up in the first place. Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years to mediate the debilitating effects of stress. By balancing the nervous energies of the body, an acupuncture treatment can return us to a normal, relaxed state of being, allowing us to meet the challenges of our lives with a calm and balanced perspective. Many of the major international companies of the Far East make acupuncture available for their staff and management for exactly this reason. Acupuncture is nothing short of a force multiplier for your well-being.

Read more in our Acupuncture for Stress brochure.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will it help?

Patients being treated with acupuncture for stress report feeling relaxed, carefree, balanced, or unspooled after a treatment.

Will it hurt?

Acupuncture is not at all like getting an injection, having blood drawn, or pricking yourself with a sewing needle. Acupuncture needles are hair-thin; there is a small sensation when they are inserted, but there should be little or no discomfort. Jonathan Gilbert prides himself providing a painless needling technique that he learned during his post graduate studies in Vietnam. The experience of acupuncture varies from person to person and from treatment to treatment, but painful is not a term we hear often from patients describing the experience.

How many visits will I need?

This is a highly individualized treatment, so Jonathan will set your treatment schedule after your initial consultation. Length of treatment may depend on whether you have symptoms from accumulated stress, and on whether your stress tends to be continuous (e.g., because of a long-term career) or temporary (e.g., due to a specific event).

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