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His Commitment to Create Beauty in Any Space: Remembering Shane Sjtorm

June 2016Photo of Shane Sjtorm by Jonathon Gilbert

Shane Sjtorm valued the experience of creating and enriching over all else. There was always room for more good taste in the world and that is how he directed his life. He made no compromise in his work or sentiment; he lived in the heart of his work and himself.

Reporting Error Revealed in Knee Pain Acupuncture Study, Catastrophe Avoided

June 2016woman holds knee on running path by Jonathon Gilbert

A reevaluation of a negative study in JAMA found serious flaws in methodology and analysis. Knee pain acupuncture and laser acupuncture are effective.

Emergency Room Acupuncture Lessens Pain and Anxiety

May 2016First Aid Sign by Jonathon Gilbert

An article recently appeared in The Minnesota Star Tribune concerning the work of acupuncturist Adam Reinstein of Abbott Northwestern Hospital’s emergency room in Minneapolis. A pilot study of the use of acupuncture at Abbott Northwestern was published in the highly regarded journal Pain Medicine with his encouraging results.

Acupuncture Reduces Sleep Disturbances Significantly

April 2016Magnifying glass on the word research by Jonathon Gilbert

The March 2016 Obstetrics and Gynecology published a review study concluding acupuncture improved sleep for women with menopause-related sleep disturbances.

Summer, Bright Yang and Seed of Yin

June 2015 by Jonathon Gilbert

In Chinese medicine, summer is the height of Yang energy. It is bright, warm, full of expanding energy. And yet it also is the time of the seed of Yin. This idea is mirrored in many of the herbal formulas that are part of the Chinese formulary.


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