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Medicine of the Han – Part 2 – The Birth of the Classics

October 2014Excerpt from Yellow Emperor's Classic by Jonathon Gilbert

In the second century BCE, the Chinese united under a single clan known as the Han. The Han Dynasty produced incredible advances in the sciences, technology, the everyday life of China, and in none more so than in the field of medicine.

Medicine of the Han – Part 1 – Sages and Physicians

October 2014Zhang Zhongjing by Jonathon Gilbert

The Gilbert Clinic is an acupuncture practice whose principles are Han Chinese in nature and in practice. In The Gilbert Clinic Blog, we will look at why the medicine of the Han physicians has become critically important in modern America. We will be telling a story of time and wealth, of power and bad haircuts. And, if we listen closely, we will hear the voices of these Han sages still beseeching us from the distant past.


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