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Emergency Room Acupuncture Lessens Pain and Anxiety

May 2016 | by Jonathon Gilbert

An article appeared in The Minnesota Star Tribune on March 15th, 2016, concerning the work of Adam Reinstein.[1] Mr. Reinstein has been employed by Abbott Northwestern Hospital in their emergency room (ER). What is interesting about Adam Reinstein is that he is an acupuncturist. His work focuses on anxiety and pain management. The initial clinical results of his work seem to suggest acupuncture is of considerable benefit in this environment. In fact, so encouraging were the results, a pilot study of the use of acupuncture in an ER setting was published in the highly regarded journal Pain Medicine on Feb 25th, 2016.[2]

In Vietnam (where I was fortunate to do my postgraduate training), the use of Traditional Medicine in the world of acute care would not be considered unusual. I was told by many of the physicians I studied under, doctors who had worked both in the ER and shock trauma settings during the Vietnam War, that Traditional Medicine was commonly used and to great effect. It was standard care. Mr. Reinstein’s work is opening a door and I will be excited to follow his work in the future. I am hopeful that medicine in America has the courage to embrace the possibility that acupuncture is of value to patients in the ER setting. ♥

Photo of Emergency Sign on Building


First Aid Sign[1] Abbott pioneers acupuncture in the ER
Jeremy Olson, Star Tribune, March 15, 2016

[2] Acceptability, Adaptation, and Clinical Outcomes of Acupuncture Provided in the Emergency Department: A Retrospective Pilot Study.
Reinstein AS1, Erickson LO2, Griffin KH2, Rivard RL2, Kapsner CE3, Finch MD4, Dusek JA2.
Pain Med. 2016 Feb 25. pii: pnv114.
PMID: 26917627

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