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His Commitment to Create Beauty in Any Space: Remembering Shane Sjtorm

June 2016 | by Jonathon Gilbert

“What is a cynic? A man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.”

Oscar Wilde

A week ago I visited the memorial to someone, without whom, I could not have practiced Traditional Medicine in this area. He wasn’t a doctor or trained in any form of healthcare. He was an interior designer and a gardener. His name was Shane Sjtorm. And he was my friend.

When I opened The Gilbert Clinic in 2005, the original premise was that of an integrative medical clinic and I wanted a setting that was both beautiful and comfortable, as well as being practical. Whilst I had a location, the architectural plans and a builder to realize them, I had no designer to help me create the actual clinic interior and fill the space with light and color. Shane Sjtorm did this for me.

The story of meeting Shane is for another time but suffice to say that after a brief conversation, he agreed to help. In less than 5 minutes, and after asking a series of abstract questions, he designed The Gilbert Clinic and went to work. What he made was simply beautiful. And he did it for a fraction of its true cost. This kindness and generosity was reflected not just at The Gilbert Clinic but in the gardens, homes, and workspaces of so many people. He did it with a commitment to create beauty in any space that he worked with and in the minds of those he seemingly work for. I say it this way as it was often a case, that once you engaged Shane, you had to let go of the control and let him have his way. You were working for him!

The question that begs to be asked is why did he live this way? It wasn’t money or power of fame or even thanks. He lived this way because he valued the experience of creating and enriching over all else. He was the least cynical person I have ever met. There was always room for more good taste in the world and that is how Shane directed his life. He made no compromise in his work or sentiment; he lived in the heart of his work and himself. One doesn’t meet too many Shane Sjtorm’s in this, or any other, era. He had found a true freedom through his action. It is a lesson I still draw from every day. And so, I will see you again my friend and drink and laugh over all of this. ♥

Photo Shane Stjorm

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