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Autumn, Time of Gathering and Descending

November 2014 by Jonathon Gilbert

Autumn has arrived and with it the explosion of color and flaming beauty. It is a time of Yin within Yin. We seek within ourselves a place to gently store our energies for the coming months.

Winter, Time to Recharge and Be Nourished

December 2014 by Jonathon Gilbert

The winter is now finally upon us and with it comes the sense of wonder and excitement of the holiday season. In traditional Oriental medicine, winter is a time of accumulation and absorption. It is our opportunity to recharge and be nourished. We can build our reserves up for the coming seasons.

Spring, Time for Full Effort

May 2015Chinese Peony by Jonathon Gilbert

Spring has sprung, time for forging ahead. The seeds of winter months can now be cultivated. In traditional medicine, the herbs of the spring are Yang within Yang.

Summer, Bright Yang and Seed of Yin

June 2015 by Jonathon Gilbert

In Chinese medicine, summer is the height of Yang energy. It is bright, warm, full of expanding energy. And yet it also is the time of the seed of Yin. This idea is mirrored in many of the herbal formulas that are part of the Chinese formulary.

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