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Spring, Time for Full Effort

May 2015 | by Jonathon Gilbert

Boing! Spring has sprung and the world is waking up. This is a wonderful time of year for forging ahead. The seeds of our thoughts and intentions of the winter months can now be cultivated allowing ourselves to begin the changes that will improve our lives. In Traditional Medicine, the herbs of the spring are Yang within Yang; this is the idea of putting forth full effort and allowing nothing to come between us and our goals. In doing so, we blow out the cobwebs and ‘spring clean’ our emotional selves making space for new feelings and thoughts.Chinese Peony

In Chinese medicine, one of the great historical formulas is called Xiao Yao San which roughly translates as ‘Relaxed Wanderer.’ It is used traditionally to treat the effects of stress as it allows for the smooth flow of emotions and physiological functioning. It is often prescribed in the spring to allow our energy to be expressed without the stagnation that winter can bring. In doing so, it enables us to enter the new season with a relaxed clarity of mind.

I wish you renewed passions and happiness for the world as we enjoy this most wonderful of seasons, spring. ♥

Chinese Peony

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Certified in both acupuncture and Chinese herbology, Jonathan Gilbert is a recognized expert in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He has completed extensive post graduate training as well as a traditional apprenticeship. Please view his credentials and author pages.

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