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Summer, Bright Yang and Seed of Yin

June 2015 | by Jonathon Gilbert

We are in full bloom. Summer is here! It is the time of parades and lazy times in the heat of the east, the eastern United States. As we depart to the beach and for some, more distant locations, we can hopefully pack a book or two that’s been sitting around all year and has been begging us to read it.
summer Beach Bag
In Chinese medicine, summer is the height of Yang energy. This season is bright, warm, and full of expanding energy. And yet, with that said, summer is also the time of the seed of Yin. The Chinese believed that life was a continual process, and so as the Yang became its brightest, the seed of Yin was formed inside of it. In the Yin/Yang symbol, it is described as the circle of one color in the middle of the biggest part of its opposite. The Chinese would say that Yang transforms into Yin and vice versa.

This idea is mirrored in many of the herbal formulas that are part of the Chinese formulary. Many herbal formulas that are designed to create warmth in the body have at least one herb that cools the body down. It is a mirror of the dynamic balance of nature, summertime and the idea of Yin and Yang.

I wish you all much splashing, fun cookouts, and joy in this glorious time of summer. ♥

Sunflower, with Yin and Yang at center

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Certified in both acupuncture and Chinese herbology, Jonathan Gilbert is a recognized expert in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine. He has completed extensive post graduate training as well as a traditional apprenticeship. Read more of Mr. Gilbert’s credentials and written works.

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